Youthful energy up front, machine learning in the back:

FutureMatch needed a branding redesign following a recent name change and expansion. Their hybridised approach to recruitment blends human expertise, data, machine learning and AI, to innovate the early careers talent recruitment space.

Yet at the core of all this innovation, FutureMatch is a company serving its people. For FutureMatch, the goal is to optimise and diversify talent pools in order to create meaningful career-long relationships for both employer and employee. The technology is simply a means to an end. FutureMatch is a company building connections and highlighting talent, this is the cornerstone driving the rebrand.

Picking up where we left off:

Last year we worked with FutureMatch to distill their ambitious pitch into a sub-two minute investor and customer engagement video piece.

This process allowed us to flesh out some early visual ideas for the young company and lay down some basic groundwork, which included producing the company logo and a rough colour scheme.

For the branding refresh, we developed an energetic and inclusive colour pallet, built around the original FutureMatch Purple we’d previously developed.

The colour palette was developed to be playful yet serious, reflecting the youthful talent the company hires, and the processed-based technological rigour the company deploys in their recruitment process.

Flares of rainbow gradients pop out against dark and mysterious gradients, to create connections between key bits of information or to highlighting portraits of youthful professionals of all ethnical backgrounds.

Finding the ‘right fit’ for the ‘right role’ is a fundamental part of the companies ethos. We likened this process to the shape sorting toys toddlers play with, so frames of simple shapes were developed as part of the branding toolbox as a nod towards candidate diversity and the sorting process. These frames combined with the rainbow gradient and the youthful portraits gives FutureMatch a distinct new look.

Font Pairing

For the brands fonts, we discovered a font pairing which furthers the connection between youthfulness and professionalism. Acumin Pro Regular is clear, legible and versatile san-serif font. Where as Bitter Extra Bold also prioritises clarity and legibility, however its thicker nature combined with its slab serifs, bring a playfulness which for some reason is reminiscent of storybooks and storytelling. 

By juxtaposing these two fonts we were able to create a text higher-achy that could be used throughout the brand to break up large bodies of text and make information more digestible.

The new identity breathes confidence and youth, with undertones of technology rigour. It is modern and adaptable in its colour palette and design assets, yet feels human centric and approachable. It is a manifestation of the companies mission to serve and attract both the youthful candidates they help hire and the companies aiming to hire.