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The brief

True Positive are a multi-national recruitment agency who specialise in finding top talent for some of the world’s most promising life science and biotech companies.

Gone are the days of simple job board listings and pdf job specs. In high-growth industries where startups can become SMEs almost overnight, attracting the best prospects becomes a matter of utmost importance.

At the top end of these sectors cutting-edge specialities and expertise are in short supply. Top candidates can expect multiple suitors offering a range of benefits, work structures and office cultures in order to attract the best staff.

With this in mind, Traphic were tasked to work on a number of disruptive marketing campaigns to ensure True Positive’s clients had their roles impress, excite and engage the right audience.

‘What’s great about the work is that it does not need explaining, we can literally see our customers sit up and take notice when we show them how we can use creative and impactful campaigns to help them hire the best people.’

— Francis Ondoro, True Positive Founding Director

Our campaigns featured scroll-stopping animated social media advertisements that were tailored to the client’s brand. These gave their meticulously targeted audience a stylised overview of the company and the opportunity at hand.

The ads linked to landing pages which offered the candidate a deeper dive into the company culture and benefits, and a breakdown of the job specs and expectations. The landing pages also provided a place for the candidates to express their interest or contact the team for more information.

With their forward-thinking approach, TruePositive have been able to improve information clarity and increase traffic to their positions. They have reported a decrease in candidate drop-off and an increase client conversion and retention.

By redefining the recruitment process with creativity, TruePositive’s job roles are impossible to ignore.

Traphic and TruePositive currently have a long-standing creative partnership. We continue to help realise the recruitment rebels vision to disrupt the industry.

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