At Traphic, we’re always on the lookout for new creative partnerships. When it came to our attention that one of the country’s most exciting and rapidly rising media outlets needed some motion design help, we were all over it.

We are of course talking about JOE Media. Unless you’ve been living in a hole with no wifi for the last 5 years, you will undoubtably have come across some of their content on social media. Whether that’s through their politics channel with James O’Brien’s ‘Unfiltered’ or their ‘All To Play For’ football podcast hosted by Wayne Bridge, JOE are on a mission to make great content for modern times.

JOE Media instagram profiles

We spoke to JOE’s creative director, Lucy, who explained that they needed motion design for social media on regular basis, but perhaps not regularly enough to make a full time hire. As a studio set up to fill this exact type of need, it was music to our ears.

The typical approach would be to try and get someone in part-time and run the recruitment gauntlet in a competitive, London based job market. But JOE’s disruptive and forward-thinking approach to media coverage clearly extends to their internal business decisions too, and after a call to set out working arrangements, our partnership began.

For the last six months, we’ve been supporting JOE with their video content, creating everything from bespoke instagram reels, to essential graphics for ongoing internal use. Every week we catch up on Slack and outline what needs doing and then the team at Traphic get to work.

It’s been a pretty seamless integration so far. We love working with the JOE brand and getting a fresh brief each week. With JOE putting a big emphasis on design with all of their output, there’s always an opportunity to interpret a brief in different ways and share ides with Lucy and the design team.

As genuine fans and followers of JOE before getting to work with them, its a pleasure to see their content pop up online and to know we helped along the way.

Here’s to the future 🍻