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Client: NUS Charity

Services provided:

motion graphics

bespoke brand asset animations

video post-production


The NUS Charity commissioned us to produce a video interview series during the peak of the lockdowns in 2021.

The goal? To promote job roles across its different sectors, celebrate the work culture and to empower and inspire new or existing members.

A key focal point for the videos was to highlight and give voice to the vibrant personalities leading the sectors and their role as leaders using honest unscripted conversation. It was about applying faces to names and personalities to achievements.

NUS video title screen

Accessibility is a high priority for the charity. So it was important for each video to have in-built captions for clarity. Often auto-generated captions overlaid post-production by platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, can contain errors especially when industry-specific terminology is applied. It was important to consider space for these captions within the design process.

NUS video title screen

For short social posts we delivered question specific sound-bites using a combination of portrait photos and in-built captions, alongside a dynamic audio wave animation for further emphasis on the vocals.

In the longer-format videos we chose to use the raw video-call footage to add significance to the different characters. The rawness of the footage adds weight and trust to the truth voiced within the interviews. 

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