We took FutureMatch’s ambitious, multi-faceted proposition and distilled it into a sub-two minute video that can be used as both an investor pitch and customer engagement piece. 

Company founder Kufa Matiya came to us asking for help re-designing the companies pitch deck, sure that’s something we could have easily done, but powerpoint slides are traditionally boring and to be honest, they send us to sleep.

What Kufa really wanted was something that spoke about the company’s value to investors and clients in a way that was engaging, memorable, clear and easy to distribute over and over again. 

Which meant when we suggested creating a video rather than a pitch deck, Kufa’s open-mindedness and trust in our process meant he was open to the alternate approach to pitching. 

Instead of pitching hundreds of times to different groups of people, we had him pitch once to us. This allowed us to work collaboratively to uncover, understand and refine his brand and it’s message into a small well-optimised script to guide and influence the video.

Style Frames and Initial Animatic

Here’s what Kufa had to say about the final video: 

‘Just wanted to send out a massive thank you and amazing work. I have just watched it again and I am still smiling, great work, so brilliant.’

Kufa Matiya
Traphic Ltd and FutureMatch At Birmingham Tech Week Social

Of course, there’s still a time and a place for traditional pitch formats, so don’t get throwing the baby out with the bathwater just yet. But if you need an a**-kicking video to back your brand and give you and your audience a break from pitch fatigue, we’re here for you.

Check out the full video 👇🎵: