Changing people’s convenient habits isn’t easy, but in light of inconvenient truths about climate change and the amount of plastic in our oceans, we need brands that seek to do just that.

This is why we were so thrilled to work with BB Pads on a new explainer video which demystifies the process of factoring a reusable period pad into your routine, helping to save the planet as you go.

Aside from having a fantastic, forward-thinking product, BB Pads also have a beautiful brand which is tightly aligned with their ethos of awareness, environment and sustainability. With clearly defined imagery and tone in place, we were excited to expand the brand into the realms of moving imagery and audio.

For obvious reasons, flow was a central theme to the video. It wasn’t exactly a huge eureka moment for us when we acknowledged the pads themselves had wings, and the shape lent itself nicely to floating, swooping transitional movement. This gave us a central motif to run with. 

From the initial storyboards we were keen to express a rhythm and natural advancement, which aligned with the tone of the brand but also reinforced the product’s ease of use. We also made sure to include scenes that incorporated elements of the habitats that the brand seeks to protect — the depths of the ocean to plant life.

Once the visuals were completed the accompanying audio held centre stage. We put in many hours sourcing the right audio for the video, as it needed to have that same tranquil, natural feeling as had been established visually. Subtle uses of sounds one would associate with tranquility and flow were incorporated, such as tones from Tibetan singing bowls and the crumbling of autumn leaves.

We were thrilled with the end result, but we think there may be one person who might just have loved it even more than we did…

BB Pads founder reacts ecstatically to first viewing of the video via Whatsapp.

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to both you and also Steve for the incredible hard work, creativity, patience and generosity you’ve put into making this BB Pads video. I think the whole thing is stunning and fits the look I’d been going for with the illustrations and general branding so well.

Zoë Miller, BB Pads Founder
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