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Sometimes words alone aren't enough to encapsulate everything that's great about your latest idea. Take your concept into the audio-visual arena with bespoke explainer videos that are always on-brand and tailored to engage.

Here's one we made earlier. (2:17)

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Explainer Video Production

You want to unleash your killer proposition, but words alone seem to fall short and a pitch deck just won't cut it. It's time to break out the explainer video.

Explainer videos are the perfect opportunity to distil all the elements that make your offering great into a piece of engaging, reusable content.

The modern consumer is inundated with choice and studies have shown that more and more people are choosing video content to help inform their decisions.

Don’t fall into the trap of bombarding your potential customers with endless lists of benefits & features and convoluted static infographics. Meet your audience where they are, deliver them the content they prefer and they’ll thank you for it.

We don’t just take your offering into the visual space — a piece of video content can be your audience’s first chance to ‘hear’ your brand. From the music choice to voice over tone, we consider all things audio to make the final product a complete brand experience.

Our most recent explainers:

BB Pads

We teamed up a with bloody brilliant brand who are making sustainability simpler.

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FutureMatch Explainer

Ditching the pitch deck to engage investors, candidates and customers.

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We're firm believers in the adage, 'You're only as good as the company you keep.' We're always looking to grow our network, learn from others, and champion creativity wherever we see it flourish.



Trust is essential in any great partnership. Whether it's our clients relying on us to deliver on any creative brief, or our creatives knowing that we'll always be there to guide them, trust is always key.



Traphic wouldn't exist without the love of our craft. Our skillsets were born out of natural curiosity, and we always look to extend this into our work. Our team are never bored and always learning.



We didn't start this thing up to satisfy the status quo. The most impactful experiences are novel, and no trend sticks forever. Creativity should push boundaries and move things forward.

"Thank you to the amazing team at Traphic who helped us create our first intro video for our customer and fundraising campaign. To say it was beyond even our highest expectations is an understatement, it was beyond anything we expected. The time taken to understand the business and the why and what we wanted, the ideas and creativity, how they work with you as the company to get under the skin of the project is fantastic and is shown in the outcome."

— Kufa Matiya, FutureMatch CEO

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