'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'

- Milton Glaser

"Fail forward and endure."



Steve is a serial experimenter and as creative as they get. As a designer and co-founder, Steve looks for ways to innovate and challenge the design space, without sacrificing brand efficiency and utility. He’s passionate about endurance running, pretending he’s a scientist, and exploring alternative ways of living. He currently sleeps on a wooden floor, upon what has been described as a duvet cover - he reports no back problems, despite popular opinion.

"Always learning, never bored."




Being a jack-of-all trades isn’t useful until it is. James’s philosophy towards creativity is much like his attitude towards menu choices - why pick one when you could try them all? A dreamer by day who gets their best ideas in the dead of night. A black country lad with a lust for adventure. You might hear some of his music if he ever stops reinventing his sound.

Creatives and curators

The modern brand is more than just a logo and a colour palette. It is a symphony of moving parts, and all elements need to be curated to be consistent and on point.

Whilst the jump from Fine Art to Digital Design may not be a common route, the team at traphic consider the curatorial elements of our Fine Art background to be a great benefit when applied to creative design and strategy.

Our multidisciplinary team are inquisitive by nature, with a combination of digital prowess and traditional skill. Our ambition to stay ahead of the curve, both creatively and strategically, means our clients can rely on us as a future-proof creative partner.

If it ain't moving, it's 💀

Let’s face it, our attention spans aren’t getting any longer. The modern media consumer is time-poor yet rich in distractions. We’re all a bit busier than we’d like to be, so the last thing we want to do is spend more time than is necessary to get the information or services we need.

The evolution of digital media production means that even smaller agencies like ourselves have a wealth of production software and technology at our disposal. Not only that, but the ability to collaborate and network with talented creatives gets easier and more advantageous by the day.

Our ethos is to always look forward, both for our own business and for our clients. The best brands evolve with media. The best creatives go freelance. The best results require both creative and strategic problem solvers. This is why traphic exists.

Put something in motion.

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