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We believe in the power of great creativity and storytelling. Here's a video we made that contains a little bit of everything we love. (0:45)

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About Us 

Traphic is a motion-focused creative agency based in Birmingham. 

We believe the best brands are always looking forwards and embrace change, so we're here to make sure your creative stays up to speed. A reliable partner for whatever the future holds.

Services include:


Motion graphics


Video content creation


Video advertising


Because if it ain't moving, it's 💀

2023 Traphic x JOE Media 001

Traphic x JOE Media

Ongoing motion support for a disruptive London based media outlet

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2023 FutureMatch Re-brand 002

FutureMatch Re-brand

Youthful energy up front, machine learning in the back. A re-brand.

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2023 Night Running 003

Night Running

A short story visualisation of Robert Frost's ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'.

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2022 BB Pads 004

BB Pads

We teamed up a with bloody brilliant brand who are making sustainability simpler.

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Our Portfolio

A creative pool
to dive into

Connecting and collaborating with creative professionals has never been easier, but doing it well takes experience. At Traphic, we foster long-standing relationships with some of the best talent available to take our partners to the next level.

Our experience in sourcing, briefing and managing creative professionals means you get the benefit of global creative talent without any of the hassle.


AshGraphic Designer

Jacob - Animator


Rosanna - Illustrator


Sam - Developer

SamFull Stack Developer

No one person can make a pencil




We're firm believers in the adage, 'You're only as good as the company you keep.' We're always looking to grow our network, learn from others, and champion creativity wherever we see it flourish.



Trust is essential in any great partnership. Whether it's our clients relying on us to deliver on any creative brief, or our creatives knowing that we'll always be there to guide them, trust is always key.



Traphic wouldn't exist without the love of our craft. Our skillsets were born out of natural curiosity, and we always look to extend this into our work. Our team are never bored and always learning.



We didn't start this thing up to satisfy the status quo. The most impactful experiences are novel, and no trend sticks forever. Creativity should push boundaries and move things forward.

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